Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How to control your life - Thoughts - part 1

How to control your life, is it even possible? Yes it is and you are doing it right now!!! First thing, people have to understand that life doesn't just happen to them. Even destiny is controlled by you but I will write about destiny in some other posts.

So, YOU control your life! How does it work? People, nature and anything else are connected. Our thoughts are connected with everything around us! You control you life with you thoughts. People are special creatures. We are not just bones and flash, we are also MIND. Like we use our hands to do something we can also use our mind to do something. Mind is not a brain, brain is needed for our bodies to function properly but mind is much hire on energy scale. Our mind is establishing connections throw our thoughts.

Thoughts are divided on positive and negative thoughts. With positive thoughts we are calling good things and with bad thoughts bad things. That's way people who are optimistic almost always passes better in their life, all good things happen to them :) . People are like magnets, we attract everything around us. If you are driving in the city searching for a parking place and if your mind is thinking like "I want an empty parking place" you will certainly find one, but if you think negative like "There is no way I will find parking place here" then you will end up driving in circle with no where to park. This is maybe poor example and doesn't demonstrate the power of positive thinking but in next post I will give more scientific examples and also my personal experience on this subject. You always have to think positive regardless in what situation you are in, then positive things will happen.

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Why have I decided to write...

For my first post I will explain why have I decided to write a blog about life and the way we live it. If you look around you will see a bunch of people talking about money. How to earn more money, where to get more money, what to buy with their money. It seams MONEY is the main, most important thing in our live, or is it?

If we took money away what would we get? I would say peace, more free time and happiness but this is not an option because today life without some money is very hard. What can we do? We can stop seeing money like it is the most important thing in the world and start living like we should, as I do.

How to accomplish this? This is the theme I will write about in this blog. I will use my life experience as an example and also experience of some people that I know.

I will try to explain how money is not important, how to work less and have more free time for your families, friends and happiness, how to become who ever you want to become and how successful people like Marc Andreessen, Steve Jobs or other wrote their own pats to success. It's all in psyche :)